Chief Marc Farrer

Marc began his career in law enforcement with the Henry County Juvenile Center then as supervisor of security for the Madison County Juvenile Center. He later joined the Pendleton Police Department as a reserve officer in 1995. After six months as a reserve officer he was hired full time and attended and graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 1996. Farrer was selected by his peers at the academy to represent them as their class president. He eventually rose through the ranks to position of Captain. Marc left the PD to take a position as a road deputy with the Madison County Sheriffs Department in 1998. During his eight years with the MCPD as a patrolman Farrer was appointed to the Madison County Crash Team, which is a specialized unit that investigates serious personal injury and fatality crashes. Farrer left the MCPD to return to the Pendleton Police Department in June 2006 to take the position of Captain and was hired by the Town Council to fill the position of Chief in July 2006. Marc is now serving as Officer on the Pendleton Police Department, effective March 2019.

Farrer was elected to and served on the Pendleton Town Council from 1999 to 2006. He currently is a member of the Community Advisory Board for the correctional facilities, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 48, the National Rifle Association and the Cadiz Christian Church.

In 2005 while with the MCPD Farrer traveled to New Orleans/Jefferson Parrish in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to assist in enforcement efforts.

Graduated from Martinsville High School in 1987 and graduated from Ball State University in 1992 with a BGS degree.

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