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For the last 12+ years SHI, Debi Metcalfe and Regal Computer Services have worked very closely to develop systems, websites and databases to serve the Equine world!

The current iteration of the Stolen Horse International/NetPosse website was re-launched in 2019 with much more automation, designed to free up the time of NetPosse volunteers to assist cases and help victims.

There are many advanced features built into the massive website, and it regularly gets 500,000 visitors per year.

  •    •  Advanced Security
  •    •  Account Management
  •    •  Uploading
  •    •  SEO
  •    •  PDF Creation
  •    •  Excel / CSV File Creation
  •    •  Image and Photo Manipulation
  •    •  Text and Email Generation
  •    •  Advanced Search Engines
  •    •  Storefront / e-Commerce
  •    •  and much much more....
Current Website
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Custom Projects

Kappa Alpha Theta

19 April 2022

Kappa Alpha Theta

Knockout Merchandise

01 January 2020

Knockout Merchandise

Hey Doctor Dana

01 January 2019

Hey Doctor Dana

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