The Reserve Officers of the Pendleton Police Department serve a vital role for the department and the community. Reserve Officers volunteer a minimum of sixteen hours a month while also managing full-time jobs and taking care of their families. Reserve Officers provide essential assistance with full-time officers who must attend court, supplemental coverage on weekends and increased coverage for the town’s many community events.

To become a Reserve Officerapplicants must go through a rigorous screening process and complete the forty-hour pre-basic course mandated by the State of Indiana. The areas of instruction covered in the pre-basic course include traffic lawcriminal lawfirearm safety, and physical tactics, among other subjects. Once the pre-basic course is completedReserve Officers must devote 4 additional hours each at the Pendleton Police Department officeMadison County Central Dispatch and Madison County Jail. New Reserve Officers will learn basic procedures like paperwork, office duties, radio procedures and jail procedures. After this, they then complete 120 hours of in-service orientation with a full-time Officer before they are released to road patrol.

The Reserve Officers of the Pendleton Police Department are among some of the best trained in the state. Without the Reserve Officers, the Pendleton Police Department would be hard-pressed to function.

Current Reserve Officers


Jeff Taylor (SRO)




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